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Most of the drive is on US Route 550, followed by 24 miles of unpaved road; that's what Google Maps says anyway. Those 24 miles at the end are listed as taking almost an hour and you will soon understand why. The gravel road is full of rocks jumping left and right every time you try to drive a bit faster.  Later the rocks are gone and replaced by tall ditches -- from a previous rain -- that are even harder to navigate with your car. After a while the wide open space narrows and curves into what resembles a canyon making you believe you're almost there,  when a sign announces that you are leaving federal land and throws you off into a panic. You look anxiously at your phone, but Google maps also does not know where you are anymore. It's very quiet,  just your car, the blue sky, and the road ahead. A few more miles. Finally back on asphalt roads and federal land, an open gate, and a little bit further away a big sign. You can relax now.  You have arrived at Chaco Culture Na…

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