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I remember reading a while ago that the record for the the most expensive painting by a woman artist belongs to Georgia O'Keeffe -- in 2014, Jimson Weed, White Flower No. 1 (1932), sold for $44.4 million. As of today, the record still stands.

My first encounter with O'Keeffe was much earlier, through her flowers, two oriental poppies, printed in a wall calendar seen at the now long gone Borders. The colors and the close up were so striking that even in the abundance of images in the crowded bookstore,  I could not take my eyes off them. I thought they were extraordinary. I did not need a wall calendar, but I bought it anyway and framed the poppies photo, I paid more on the mating and the frame that on the calendar itself. Since then, in every place I've lived, I've always had an O'Keeffe flower hanging. I gradually got to know her work -- the flowers, the bones, the shells, the crosses, the hills, and  her beloved Pedernal. It was my love for Georgia O'Keefe&#…

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