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For many years Stockholm was for me the place where my highschool friend N. lived. She left (or I should say ran away) when we were in 10th grade and unlike other people that cut all connections when they left the country, she kept in touch. I will never know if all the letters we sent back and forth for a few years survived the censorship filter of the dictatorship I was living under and she escaped from, but the ones that made it through were enough to keep our friendship alive. In 1990 after borders were open she came for a visit and with a group of friends we had the best of times. I got lots of presents, among them a half a kilo chocolate, a bright pink and black bathing suit that I wore till it shredded to pieces, and the latest LPs from Roxette, George Michael, and Pet Shop Boys that I still have. My world was so small, that all this made me love this city before I knew much about it.

I arrived in Stockholm on a late afternoon, but it was hard to tell what time of the day was. …

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